Police prevents march for Ibrahim Gökçek

A march to pay tribute to Grup Yorum Ibrahim Gökçek, who died on Thursday, was organised in the neighborhood of Gazi in Istanbul but was stopped by police.

Grup Yorum bass player Ibrahim Gökçek died on 7 May at the hospital where he had been taken after calling off the death fast he had been carrying out for 323 days.

His body was taken on Thursday from the hospital morgue to Gazi Cemevi (Alevi place of prayer). Turkish police have closed off Gazi before Gökçek's remains are sent to his hometown, Kayseri.

Anti-riot vehicles were positioned at both entrances of the Cemevi, and the surrounding roads were closed off by the police.

A group wanting to march before the remains were sent was surrounded by the police.

Nobody was allowed to enter the Cemevi early in the morning except for a small group of people and some press members.

Police wanted to check the parents of Gökçek for security at the entrance of the Cemevi, and tension mounted. However after a while Ibrahim's parents were let in without having to undergo the security control.

The group waiting at the Cemevi protested the police attitude with slogans. Tension filled the air.