Prisoner on 114th day of hunger strike: “We are determined”

Ahmet Surme, one of the prisoners in Tekirdag who have been on a hunger strike for 114 days, said they are determined and asked for public attention. Surme said their health is at a critical stage.

Ahmet Surme, one of the 6 prisoners in the Tekirdag Type F Closed Prison No.2 who have been on a hunger strike against the isolation imposed upon Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan for 114 days, said their health is deteriorating further and called on the public.


Surme sent the following message through his family: 

“When I started the hunger strike, I weighed 66 kg. Now I lost 12 and currently weigh 54 kg. We experience health issues that get more severe every day. We have nausea, cramps, strong headaches and vertigo. When we go out into daylight, when we sit up, when we walk we get lightheaded. We get short of breath.

These are sometimes instantaneous and sometimes chronic. We used to walk around in the room and in the yard, now we feel tired immediately when we get up. We try to keep ourselves up by walking albeit not too much, but we are determined to continue our fight despite all. We have faith that we will prevail with this will. Whoever you are, you should speak up for the hunger strikes.”