Prosecutor asks prison sentence for Veli Encu and three others

The prosecution requested prison sentence for 4 people, including Veli Encu, who lost his relatives in the Roboskî Massacre, and ex-mayor Mehmet Demir.

The third hearing of the case in which Veli Encu, who lost some of his relatives including his brother Serhat in the Roboskî Massacre on 28 December 2011, and Kumçatı Municipality's ex-mayor Mehmet Demir are defendants together with Salih Kerçin, Mazlum Güzel and Şehmus Kerçin was held in the 1st High Criminal Court in Şırnak.

The defendants and their lawyers attended the hearing while families were not allowed in court.

The prosecution requested that Mehmet Demir and Mazlum Güzel be sentenced for "being members of an illegal organization" while Veli Encu and Şehmus Kerçin be sentenced for "helping an illegal organisation". The prosecution also asked for the acquittal of Salih Kerçin.

Lawyers requested additional time to prepare their defense. The court accepted the request and postponed the trial to 30 Januray while deciding that the defendants remain in prison.