Prosecutor investigates schizophrenia sufferer's “ties to terror”

Schizophrenia patient Firat Koc was detained after being subjected to police torture in Van, and the prosecutor has decided to grant extra time in detention as Koc’s “ties to terrorist organizations were being investigated”.

Schizophrenia patient Firat Koc was attacked by the police in a coffee house he entered during the protests against the trustee occupation in Van two days ago. He has been in police custody ever since.


Firat Koc’s lawyer Erhan Ciftciler said Koc hadn’t attended the protests, and his doctor’s reports show that he is mentally disabled.

Ciftciler said the long detention of Koc as a mentally disabled person who did not attend any protests is illegal: “We appealed to the prosecutor’s office for his release, but the prosecutor said they are ‘investigating his ties to terrorism’ and rejected our request. The detention was prolonged for two more days.”