Protests in Germany against neo-Ottoman aspirations of Turkey

The Turkish aggression in Kurdistan was protested in Dusseldorf, Stuttgart and Hamburg.

The Turkish state has been carrying out a military invasion of southern Kurdistan since the end of May and threatens to invade northern Syria. To this end, a "peace corridor" is meant to be set up in Rojava, through which Turkey wants to change the demographic structure as was the case in the occupation of Afrin. The aim of the Turkish regime is to restore the borders of the Ottoman Empire from Aleppo in western Syria to Kirkuk in southern Kurdistan (northern Iraq).

To draw attention to these dangerous endeavors, protests have taken place throughout Europe at the call of the Kurdish umbrella organization KCDK-E, including in Düsseldorf, Stuttgart and Hamburg cities of Germany.

People from different places in North Rhine-Westphalia came together for a rally in Dusseldorf. The rally began with a minute's silence for the people who lost their lives in the revolutionary struggle in Kurdistan and around the world. Banners called for "Hands off Rojava" and "Stop the genocide of the Kurdish people". With the flags of the self-defense forces, YPG and YPJ in their hands, the participants protested against the Turkish attacks on Rojava and called for resistance.

In Stuttgart, a march was staged from Lautenschlager Straße to Schlossplatz, where the Turkish leader Erdoğan was called a terrorist and freedom for Abdullah Öcalan was demanded.

At a demonstration in Hamburg, which continued from the Sternschanze to the Gänsemarkt, German politician Martin Dolzer of DIE LINKE condemned the actions of the Turkish state in Kurdistan and warned against the neo-Ottoman expansionist aspirations. The demonstrators carried YPG / YPJ flags and distributed leaflets.