Red Party in Norway condemns Turkey's brutal attack on Kurdish areas in Syria and Iraq

The Red Party in Norway condemns NATO country Turkey's brutal attack on Kurdish areas in Syria and Iraq.

The Red Party in Norway condemned the Turkish attacks against Northern and Eastern Syria and said that “Norway cannot remain silent when NATO's second largest army is used to attack our Kurdish allies and other democratic forces that drove ISIS out of large parts of Syria.”

The party added in a statement that “Turkey's war of aggression, which does not have a mandate from the UN Security Council, is a clear violation of international law, contributes to more ethnic cleansing and strengthens ISIS.

Moreover, Turkey has coordinated the invasion with the Iranian regime, which is also attacking the Kurdish population in both Iran and Iraq.

The parliamentary majority has determined that Norway's participation in the UN Security Council entails a strengthened obligation to promote international peace and security.”

The Red Party demanded that “the Norwegian government follow the parliamentary majority and take active measures to stop Turkey's war of aggression. The government must condemn the Turkish invasion, raise the matter in the UN Security Council, and confront the Erdogan regime at the NATO meeting in Romania next week.

Norway can help stop the Turkish war of aggression before even more civilians are killed and more are affected by ethnic cleansing. If we remain silent when our NATO ally breaks the UN's ban on war of aggression, both international law and Norway's credibility as a defender of international law are undermined.”