'Religion should not be used as a tool in dirty politics'

Mele Yusuf Andan, a member of the Democratic Islam Congress (DIK), stated that dirty politics is mixed with religion and presented to people, and that the manipulation of religion should not be accepted.

Mele Yusuf Andan, a member of the Democratic Islamic Congress (DIK), spoke to ANF, stating that a Muslim should not avoid politics because politics is life itself. He continued, "If you pursue politics and Islam together with a constructive intention, it is very nice, but if you use religion as a tool for your dirty politics, the situation is very different. No one should accept it if it is used for persecution and oppression. This holds true for both us and those who govern us. Look at those who, unable to digest religion, cut off the heads of our Prophet's grandchildren for the sake of their own politics. They didn't do it for religion; they did it for politics."


"Today, religious people issue fatwas and target other religious people for the sake of their politics," Andan said, referring to those who are religious but target religious people and do evil. He added “For example, they called people like Şêx Said, an Armenian, a bandit. Those who did this were also collaborative muftis and followers of Islam. Our people were massacred as a result of their fatwas. Even today, we are labeled as "terrorists". When our interview is published, they will say the same things. 'Yusuf is already a communist,' they'll say. However, I believe that we should live according to the principles of universal law. I say let us live as Muhammad, Allah, the Quran commanded us to. In our world, there is always the good and right. I hope we can always be on the side of the truth."


Andan stated that the oppressed and the oppressors will exist as long as the world exists: "An oppressor is someone who does not accept right, justice, and today's universal law. Those who are oppressed are those who fight for their rights, who seek the rights of their forefathers. For example, when I speak to you right now, I am speaking as an oppressed person because I am speaking Turkish rather than my native Zazaki language. If it weren't for cruelty, I'd be able to understand you and you'd be able to understand me in different languages. They're labeling me a terrorist because I'm fighting for my rights. Without my knowledge, they brand me. Torture is used to oppress me. We will gain our rights one day if we band together."