Resistance in Amed continues amid police violence and attacks

HDP MPs held a press statement during the sit-in against the usurpation of municipalities in Amed. HDP MP Leyla Guven said a Kurdish alliance is needed against these policies. Meanwhile, the police detained at least 15 people during the attacks.

Another protest was held in front of the municipality building in Amed today. Crowds including HDP MPs and co-mayors gathered on the Lise avenue.

The group chanted slogans against oppression and demanding justice. 

HDP MPs were at the front of the group as the police surrounded the protesters.

The group launched a sit-in and Democratic Society Congress (DTK) Co-chair and HDP Hakkari MP Leyla Guven joined the sit-in in support.

HDP MPs Leyla Guven and Ridvan Turan made statements during the sit-in. Guven called for unity among the peoples of Kurdistan and Turkey.

Guven said: “The Kurdish people are standing up against this coup, there is resistance everywhere.”

Guven said the people stand up despite all police precautions and dirty policies, and that there is a need for unity among Kurds against these policies as well as a Kurdish alliance. Guven stressed that there should be resistance in all four parts.


“Even though there is support from Turkey, we Kurds are subjected to this practice,” said Guven: “The people’s will has been confiscated. The appointment of trustees is a coup. Against the coup, we will say resistance every day, protests every day. The Kurdish people will put forth their will.”

Guven said: “Whatever we have achieved, we have done so through resistance. Like in all four parts of Kurdistan. We must unite in all four parts under the lead of our people and resist. I am calling on all: These may happen in Turkey, but we must unite and resist. We must take to the streets. Tayyip Erdogan called on everybody on July 15, because there was a coup. Now there has been a coup in three Kurdish cities.”

Guven pointed out that the AKP and MHP are in trouble, and that they saw the Interior Ministry on Tuesday and how difficult a time the ministry was having.

Guven said: “There have been protests against the trustees around the world. There are many who oppose the trustees in Turkey. We are calling on the peoples of Turkey, don’t be too late to show support. Today it is us, but tomorrow it will be you. The Kurdish people don’t accept the trustees appointed against their will. The people went to the polls to show their will. They have made their decision.”

Guven said; “We will resist, we won’t accept the trustee. The trustee will leave. Throughout the world, everybody knows the power of the people. We do too. The krudish people are never without an alternative against this injustice. We are discussing every option. We saw last night that the AKP and MHP cannot find an excuse for the trustees. We may have lacked in some areas in the past, but today we will resist. Like FETO was on trial yesterday, so will they be tomorrow. They must check themselves. Nobody can touch the will of the Kurdish people.”

Guven said: “The beautiful days of tomorrow are ours, and they rely on our resistance here. We expect the biggest support from the peoples of Turkey. We also expect Necirvan Barzani to take a stand. We can get over these hurdles together.”

HDP MP Ridvan Turan said, “Unfortunately, this is another attempt at a modern ‘Reform Plan’. Our political will is once again being ignored.”

“Whoever thinks we will be intimidated by the trustee coup is wrong,” said Turan and added that the protests will continue.

“They must know that our people will respond to this tyranny of trustees,” said Turan and mentioned the corruption and debt left behind in the trustees’ wake before the elections. Turan said the trustees have no legitimacy.

“Our people swept away the trustees at the elections, and will do so again,” said Turan: “Trustees will fall, and we will trash the AKP-MHP coalition.”


After the statements, the sit-in continued for 5 minutes and was ended. The police attacked after the protest was ended, and the crowd started to march. In an attack against the demonstration on Lise avenue, at least 5 people were detained. In protests in the Ofis district, at least 10 others were detained.