Rojava delegation held series of meetings in Italy

A delegation from Northern and Eastern Syria held a series of meetings in Italy.

Rojda Felat, one of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) commanders was part of a delegation from Northern and Eastern Syria to meet with Foreign Affairs Commission of the Italian Parliament.

The delegation held a series of meeting after having participated to the conference on Democratic Confederalism, local governments and global democracy in Rome.

Together with SDF Commander Rojda Felat was the Euphrates Region Assembly co-chair Enver Muslim. They discussed the latest statement by US President Donald Trump who ordered the withdrawal of the US troops from Northern and Eastern Syria.

The Rojava delegation talked about the developments in the region and stressed that they are involved in a democratic construction process, which they set up with great difficulties and centered on women and different peoples.

The delegation reminded of the hard struggle against ISIS and noted that the Turkish state is preparing an attack to actually allow ISIS to reorganise. They said that the Rojava experience must be protected.

Italian Parliament Foreign Affairs Commission President Marta Grande and deputy Piero Fassino met the Rojava delegation together with 20 Italian MPs. All shared their concern for the situation and stated that they would bring this issue to the agenda of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

President Grande stressed the importance for a solution based on dialogue.