Russia opposes a "safe zone" under Turkish control in Syria

Russian Minister Sergey Lavrov voiced opposition to a safe zone under Turkish control in Syria.

The Foreign Minister of Russia, Sergey Lavrov, spoke at a press conference and argued that in the event of US withdrawal from Syria, the mentioned regions should go under the control of the Syrian government.

Lavrov said: “The US weapons, areas and military facilities in Syria should go under the control of the Syrian government, army and administrative structures in Syria once the US troops have withdrawn from Syria.”

The Minister also pointed out that: “Separately, all conditions should be provided for the Kurds in the regions where they are traditionally present.”

Lavrov further expressed their support for the talks between the Syrian government and the Kurds.


Democratic Society Movement (TEV-DEM) Diplomacy Committee official Aldar Xelil spoke to ANF about the matter of “safe zone” or “buffer zone” that was brought up by the US and negotiated with Turkey.

Xelîl said: “Practical measures could be taken against armed groups. However, Turkey is not an armed group. If they want to protect Northern Syria from the attacks of the Turkish state, they could bring the matter to the agenda of the United Nations Security Council and even NATO, and stop it.”

Xelil underlined that: “The situation would have a meaning if they were to declare a no-fly zone, in consideration of the fact that YPG/YPJ do not possess aircraft and a no-fly zone would be a measure against the aerial attacks of other states. However, the way they brought this issue to the agenda raises suspicions that Trump and Erdogan made a deal on Rojava, Northern Syria and east of the Euphrates, that these plans will be implemented through Turkey and Turkey will be made into an effective force in the region. It is not possible for us to accept a Turkish controlled “safe zone” or “buffer zone” in North and East Syria.”