Scotland towards a second referendum on independence?

Nicola Sturgeon said Scottish Nationalist Party will present proposals in a few weeks of a possible new Independence referendum.

The head of the Scottish Autonomous Government, Nicola Sturgeon, declared at the beginning of this week that the Scottish Nationalist Party she leads, will finalize its proposals in a few weeks, in reference to the possible short-term call for a second referendum about the independence of Scotland.

The previous referendum, in 2014, ended with results contrary to the independence: 56% of the voters said no.

But this was a vote greatly influenced by the threats by the central government and apocalyptical forecast which saw independence as the end of social welfare and targeting especially pensioners.

Two years later, came the referendum on the so-called Brexit (exit from Great Britain of the European Union).

Scotland voted against with 62% of voters saying they wanted to remain within the EU.

The political crisis provoked last week by the plan of the Conservative government of Theresa May to apply the Brexit, which was widely rejected in Parliament, seems to have opened the door to a forthcoming referendum on the possible independence of Scotland.

In this case, the debate would fundamentally focus on whether independence would allow Scotland to remain in the EU, or to re-enter it.

Nicola Sturgeon was clear in her analysis when she stated: “The cause for independence has been strengthened by what has happened in the last two and a half years.”