SDF statement on clashes with Turkish army

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) released a statement on the results of the clashes between the Turkish army and SDF fighters in Afrin on Saturday and Sunday.

According to the statement heavy fighting has been going on, on all fronts in Afrin for the 16th day. The statement read as follows:

Mabata: Our forces destroyed a tank of the invader Turkish army and killed those who were inside in Mabata on Sunday at 15h00.

Shera: Our forces targeted a Turkish artillery unit and a warplane near Erebweran village. The clashes intensified around Dikmedash and Baflun villages and continued for hours.

Bilbile: Shexurze village was attacked by Turkish forces using heavy weapons at 22h00. In Ubeidan village clashes took place between Turkish forces-Al Qaeda groups and our forces. Enemy warplanes carried out 6 airstrikes on the village.

The invader Turkish army attempted to advance in Shexurze village at 03h00. There has been heavy fighting until early hours of the day after our forces responded with resistance. Enemy warplanes bombed the area.

After two failed attempts invader army and Al Qaeda groups launched another attempt towards Shexurze and Bililka villages. The fighting still continues in the area. Our forces are clearing the surrounding hills.

A Turkish army bulldozer was destroyed near Eli Kera village.

Shiye / Mabata: Invader Turkish army and Al-Qeada terror groups used very lights in Xelil and Alkana villages. There have been long periods of fighting around both villages.

Jindires: The Jindires area and the villages were hit by artillery. Similary Hemame village was targeted by Turkish artillery and Al-Qaeda.

The invaders tried to advance towards Gire Qazgali and Gire Shehid Seydo. As our forces responded with resistance the invaders fled.

Kobane: The invader Turkish state’s soldiers launched an attack as civilian cars pass through Susike village. Our forces responded immediately and there have been clashes between the Turkish army and our forces.