SDF to act in coordination with the Iraqi army

Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) will be implementing the operation against ISIS in Deir Ez Zor in coordination with the coalition forces and the Iraqi army.

On Tuesday, Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) has announced with a press conference that they are relaunching the Operation Cizire Storm they had paused due to the Turkish state’s invasion attacks against Afrin.

SDF Commander Haşim Mihemed from the operation coordination stated that ISIS has been revived after the operation was paused.

Mihemed spoke to ANHA and pointed out the dangerous change in demographics in Syria as a result of agreements between Russia and the Turkish state.
Haşim Mihemed stated that as per the secret agreement, the Turkish state has removed the gangs under their control from rural Damascus and Eastern Ghouta in return for the invasion of Afrin.

SDF Commander Mihemed stated that the Turkish state, with approval from Russia, attacked Afrin with all types of banned heavy weapons and added that there have been massacres against the civilian population.

Mihemed said: “We had decided to pause the Operation Cizire Storm and transfer a significant portion of our forces as the SDF to the Afrin resistance to stand against the barbaric attacks and vile practices of Turkish invasionism.”

The SDF Commander stressed that the Turkish state’s invasion attacks against Afrin have served ISIS gangs the most and added that with the pause of the operation, ISIS was able to recuperate and reorganize.

Commander Haşim said: “As a result, the gangs carried out many attacks against our fighters’ positions recently.”
SDF Commander Haşim Mihemed also gave important information on how the relaunched Operation Cizire Storm will develop. The operation will be implemented in coordination, with aerial support from international coalition forces and participation of the Iraqi army.

Commander Haşim Mihemed also said there were clear expressions on the matter in the press statement on Tuesday, and added: “We had already announced yesterday that the operation will be carried out in joint coordination with the Coalition forces and the Iraqi army. Because there are several ISIS camps along the Iraqi-Syrian border. ISIS carries out attacks in Iraq and Syria from these military locations and headquarters. That is why we believe it will be healthier to carry out the operation in coordination with the Iraqi army, and we took steps accordingly.”

Mihemed concluded with: “We will break the hold ISIS has on the area and we will defend all regions that have been liberated with the blood of our martyrs.”