Seven parties and organisations: No one should remain silent on the treatment of MP Güzel

In a joint statement, seven parties and organisations from Turkey call on the opposition and the democratic public not to remain silent about the treatment of arrested HDP MP Semra Güzel.

They are images of symbolic significance: a Kurdish member of the Turkish parliament is led away with her hands tied behind her back, two anti-terrorist policewomen yank on her hair and try to push her head down. Semra Güzel resists, the HDP MP refuses to bow. Videos of this undignified scene are shared thousands of times on digital networks in a state-directed defamation campaign, and the Turkish interior minister himself spreads false news about the arrest.

Seven parties and organisations have published a joint statement on the arrest of the parliamentarian and the accompanying campaign, warning of the consequences. "No one who stands up for labour, democracy and freedoms should remain silent about the treatment of Semra Güzel," HDP, EMEP, EHP, Halkevleri, SMF, TIP and TÖP said in their statement, which further includes the following:

"We do not accept the way Semra Güzel, a popularly elected member of parliament, was detained and presented to the media, and we do not accept the hostile and unserious tone of the Minister of Interior. The perception created by systematic black propaganda is one of the clearest examples of the serious situation Turkey is in regarding law, justice and democracy. This unacceptable treatment of an MP is a sign that no one who does not think like the government is safe.

The security measures, the attempts to eliminate democratic politics and the hostile attitude towards Kurdish elected representatives have only aggravated the Kurdish question, which is one of the most important issues in Turkey, and will continue to do so.

While cases of corruption, bribery and looting are continuously circulating and those responsible for this decay are being protected, the treatment of an MP who represents the will of the people in this way is against the people as a whole. The measures implemented are hostile practices that override the will of the people.

The arrest and detention of a woman parliamentarian with handcuffs on her back, by pulling her hair and trying to force her to bow her head, is an attempt at intimidation against all opposition forces. We call on all opposition parties and the democratic public not to remain silent in the face of this situation and not to participate in the government's attempts to cover up its own crimes.

We, the undersigned parties and organisations, will never accept what was done to Semra Güzel. We will stand against all anti-democratic practices and injustices and protect the will of the people. We will defend labour, democracy, freedoms, peace and justice. We will fight together, we will change together!"