Sit-in against the isolation continues in front of EP

The sit-in demanding an end to the isolation continues in front of the EP on day 4.

The indefinite non-alternating hunger strike against the isolation continues in Strasbourg, France on day 123. The mass protests that started with a weeklong hunger strike in front of the European Parliament (EP) on March 25 also continue on week 4. Following the hunger strike, the protest has continued as a sit-in and is about to conclude the fourth week.


Participants of the sit-in in front of the EP came from several European countries and gathered at 10:00. The protest started with a minute’s silence for the Kurdistan revolutionary martyrs and will continue until 17:00 with various activities.

Participants held a march after the minute’s silence. They protested the silence of European institutions and called for urgent action for a solution.

Protesters spelled out “Ocalan” with their bodies as part of the day’s activities and gave the message that “Every Kurdish body is a cell in its Leader”.


The protest continues during the EP sessions week with statements and announcements and informing the public of the indefinite non-alternating hunger strikes to break the isolation.

The statement pointed out that Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Ocalan has a key importance for peace and democracy and mentioned the Turkish state attacks. The statement also said breaking the isolation will pave the way for democracy and freedoms.


The statement also stressed that there are 7.000 prisoners on hunger strikes and warned that their condition “has long surpassed the critical stage” and pointed to the responsibility the European institutions have, which have remained silent.

The statement said institutions like the EP, CoE and the CPT are institutions European peoples formed at a great price and protested their silence in the face of a crime against humanity.

The protest coordinated by the TJK-E and KCDK-E held during the week from Mondays to Fridays will conclude today this week due to the Good Friday tomorrow. The protest will start again on Tuesday next week due to the 4-day holiday and is expected to continue until May 1.