South Kurdistan: Stop Turkish invasion

In South Kurdistan, many politicians and 127 intellectuals, writers and artists called on the United Nations (UN) to prevent the Turkish occupation attacks.

While the Turkish state is preparing to invade the territories of Northern and Eastern Syria, reactions against the occupation continue to grow. Reactions from both South Kurdistan officials and civil society are multiplying.

Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) member of the Central Committee Lahor Şeyh Cengi Talabani said: "The withdrawal of US troops from the border between Turkey and Rojava and will bring crises and conflicts. This crisis and conflict situation will not only be limited to Syria, but will be transferred to Iraq. This crisis will bring along the reorganising of ISIS. The international coalition is responsible for this crisis."

Kurdistan Democratic Party (KDP) President and former head of the region Massoud Barzani said in a statement on Twitter: "Dear President Trump, please know that the people of Kurdistan have always pursued their just rights. The Peshmerga have defeated ISIS and are an effective part of the coalition against terror. The blood of the Kurds is far more valuable than money and weapons."

Barzani met with Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lawrow, who visited Hewler last week. Barzani expressed to Lavrov his concern about the dangers posed to Kurds by the Turkish threats and asked Russia to play its role.

Nechirvan Barzani, the president of the Kurdistan Presidential Council also expressed his concern at the meeting with Lavrov, and asked Russia to mediate for peace.

Sefin Dizai, Head of the Center for Foreign Affairs of South Kurdistan, said that if the Turkish state attacked Rojava, the first victims would be civilians. Dizai also warned about the hundred of thousands of people who would be displaced.

In a written statement Tuesday evening, Basur Kurdistan Regional Government expressed their concern about a possible occupation attack and said: "We are very uncomfortable with the withdrawal of US forces from the border areas and the subsequent attack by the Turkish state for occupation."

The Regional Government asked the Turkish state to refrain from taking a step that would allow ISIS to reorganise itself and get out of control.

Letter to the UN from 127 artists, intellectuals, writers

Some 127 intellectuals, artists, writers from South Kurdistan wrote a letter to the United Nations calling on the UN to act to prevent the Turkish invasion of Rojava. 

"We urge you to prevent bloodshed, stop the massacres and stop a great war from happening. We call on you to do your duty on this issue."