Southern Kurdistan Self-Defense Forces declared

Southern Kurdistan Self-Defense Forces were declared in the mountains.

Southern Kurdistan Self-Defense Forces were declared in the mountains of Southern Kurdistan in a military ceremony. A statement was read that said, “Invaders in Southern Kurdistan will be our primary target.”

A commander read the statement, which included the following:

“Looting, abductions, Arabisation and murders have started in the Jenakok district in Southern Kurdistan.

The Neo-Ottomans have been threatening to invade all of Kurdistan, especially the Bradost, Kirkuk and Behdinan areas. Unfortunately, certain Southern Kurdistan forces are acting as partners to this invasion. They do not take a stand against the cultural, artistic, economic or geographical pillaging.”


The statement continued to say the Southern Kurdistan Self Defense Forces were founded because the Southern Kurdistan government remained silent against the invasion.

The statement also said the Southern Kurdistan Self-Defense Forces will be targeting the Turkish state’s presence in Southern Kurdistan.

The statement concluded with a call to peshmerga forces and the political forces in the South to “clear Kurdistan of invaders together”.