Speaker of British Parliament hosts Newroz reception

British Parliament Speaker Sir Lindsay Hoyle hosted a reception to celebrate Newroz.

A Newroz reception was held in the States Room, the most prestigious venue of the British parliament, with the support of the Kurdish Progress organization.

The KNK (Kurdistan National Congress), the Kurdish People's Assembly, Alevi organizations, representatives of many Kurdish movements and organizations, British parliamentarians, lords and many people attended the reception.

Sir Lindsay Hoyle, Speaker of the House of Commons, expressed his pleasure at hosting the Newroz reception and said that he was aware of the difficulties faced by the Kurdish people.


Hoyle said that the Kurds were subjected to pressure and crackdown in their own country, adding that holding the reception in the parliament represented a recognition of the Kurdish identity and culture.

Other speakers also expressed their support for the Kurdish people and stated that they endorsed the active struggle of the Kurds against the challenges they have been facing in Turkey, Syria and Iran.


In a video message, Co-chair of the Syrian Democratic Council (MSD) Executive Board Ilham Ehmed addressed the historical importance of Newroz and noted that: “Celebrating Newroz has always been forbidden to the Kurds.”

Ehmed pointed out that the Kurds and other indigenous peoples were suppressed with the establishment of nation-states. She said: “However, the more diverse a country is, the more richness there is. Life itself is very diverse.”

The MSD official wished that 2023 Newroz would bring a solution and pave the way for peace in Syria. She finally thanked the British people and members of parliament.

Kurdish politician Osman Baydemir made a presentation concerning the challenges faced by the Kurdish community in England.

Kurdistan Regional Government Representative Karwan Jamil Tahir thanked the organizers of the reception for their support for the Kurds.