Stop Turkish Occupation of Kurdistan: Day of Action on 28 July

On 28 July actions will be staged in many countries against the Turkish occupation of Kurdistan.

“Stop the occupation of Kurdistan” Platform is composed of Kurdish, Kurdish, Turkish, Assyrian-Syrian, Armenian, Laz, Circassian women, academics, journalists, youth, Alevi, Yazidi and democratic Muslim institutions.

The platform will hold joint actions at state and country level in Europe, Japan, Canada and Australia.

The KCDK-E (European Kurdish Democratic Society Congress) Co-presidency Council, which supports the action, also urged everyone to actively participate in the demonstrations scheduled for Saturday 28 July.

"The AKP-MHP fascist alliance and dictator Erdogan are attacking the four parts of Kurdistan, using all methods of dirty warfare. Their aim is to destroy all achievements reached by the Kurdish people" said the KCDK-E in a statement.

“The Turkish state - continued the statement - with the help of DAESH mercenaries, which it has contributed to grow, is attacking our people in Southern Kurdistan, Shengal and Rojava, hoping to get some results. The Turkish state, unable to succeed through the DAESH mercenaries, has declared a total war on Kurds”.

The statement pointed out that “many international powers, states and institutions have remained silent during the invasion of Afrin and instead continued with their silence to encourage the dictator Erdogan to go further”.

The KCDK-E added that the policy of Turkey of attacking all four parts of Kurdistan is clear. “The invading Turkish state openly expressed that it will continue to attack and carry on its genocide policy until the occupation is completed”.

The statement stressed that: “We must defeat these attacks by establishing a national unity of all Kurdistan institutions and organizations against the occupation of the Turkish state. We need a common national stance. We should expose Erdogan and his expansionist policies to the democratic public by effectively informing the international public opinion”.

The KCDK-E laid emphasis on Turkey’s attempts to destroy the achievements reached by Kurds and thus prevent the possibility for a real democratic change in the Middle East.

“We are calling on international institutions and governments to take immediate action to halt attacks by Turkey and to not remain in silence thus being a partner in this crime”, said the statement.

The “Stop the Occupation” Platform has chosen 28 July as Day of Action.

“We invite the Kurdish people and the Kurdish people's friends to actively participate in these activities in the different countries”.

Here a first list of actions:



In front of DGB, 12 pm


Hauptbahnof, 2 pm


Innere Brücke, bei den Gebäuden 19-21, 73728 Esslingen, 2 pm



Place Republique, 4 pm


Canabiere Square, 5 pm


Place de la Bourse, 5 pm



Humlagarden, 2 pm



Herrengasse, 4 pm



Place de Riponne, 3 pm



Kultorvet, 2 pm



In front of Parliament, Eidsvold, 2 pm