Strasburg hunger strikers will be in Paris on January 12

Strasburg hunger strikers will join the January 12 march in Paris.

Hunger strike activists who will join the January 12 march in Paris, said: “The freedom movement has grown stronger thanks to the struggle of Kurdish women like comrade Sara.” The activists called on everyone to join the demonstrations.

The hunger strike campaign in France’s Strasburg city is on the 24th day. The activists issued a statement on the 6th anniversary of the Paris Massacre, and said they will be joining the march organized for January 12 in Paris.

Speaking on behalf of the hunger strikers, Dilek Ocalan called on the Kurds in Europe to join the actions.

Dilek Ocalan said it was clear that Turkish state and its intelligence, the MIT, were behind the massacre, and continued: “The attitude of the French state which does not shed light on the triple murder amounts to complicity in Turkey’s genocidal policies. With this massacre, they tried to test our will and commitment. They attempted to distance us from Sakine Cansiz’s love for struggle, Rojbin’s insistence on struggle and Leyla’s hope for future. They wanted to render Kurdish women’s freedom movement without an identity.”

The statement pointed out that despite the purpose of the massacre, the Kurdish women’s struggle echoed among the women throughout the world. “The comrades of Sara, Rojbin and Leyla emboldened the struggle. Their friends and followers invalidated the b orders. Like a boomerang the massacre returned and hit the perpetrators,” it added.

Dilek Ocalan pointed out to the genocidal mindset of the fascist Turkish state and continued:

“They razed our cities to the ground, they burned our youth alive in the basements, they mutilated the bodies of our female combatants, they destroyed our cemeteries, they bombed our guerrilla fighters with tons of explosives, they turned the country into a big prison, and tried to sow the seeds of fear in people’s hearts.”

“And now, they plan to suppress the most humane and democratic demand of our people through oppression. Yet they shall not succeed. Because in the core of this movement there are comrades like Sakine Cansiz who spat in the face of the executioner, there is the spirit of Hayri Durmuş who said ‘I owe to my people’ even as his body was melting under death fast, there is the spirit of Kemal Pir who said ‘We love the life as much as to die for it’. There are tens of thousands of men and women fighters who have turned the mountains of Kurdistan into a fortress of resistance. There is the determination of our people and martyrs who stood shoulder to shoulder under all circumstances.

They shall not succeed, as there are tens of thousands of militants and patriots who have faith in Leader Apo who rescued the Kurdish people from the clutches of genocide. There are Arabs, Syriacs, Assyrians, Armenians and Turkmen who believe in his ideas. There are peoples around the world who believe only Apo’s paradigm could overcome the capitalist modernity. There are Kurdish women who are spreading the struggle of comrade Sara, Leyla and Rojbin.”

At the end the statement reminded that Leyla Guven in Amed prison is on her 63rd day of hunger strike, Nasir Yagiz in Hewler (Erbil) on the 50th day, 156 political prisoners on the 25th day, Imam Shish in Galler and Strasburg strikers are on the 24th day of their hunger strike. “Indeed this oppression will end, their authority and palaces will come to an end one day. Our resilient hunger strikers will be welcomed by our people on that day.

Those who have bowed to tyranny, those who are hostages to fear, will take their place in the lost pages of history. Yet we are of those people who want to resist and welcome that day of freedom. Hence we are determined to continue our campaign until we gain results. On January 12, joining the march in Paris we will repeat our promise together with our people. We will show the spark of the resistance in Strasburg along with others from Kurdistan in the field of our activities.”