Students protested freedom limitation in the universities

University students protested the anniversary of the founding of the Council of Higher Education, sending a message of freedom against fascism.

University students gathered in Istanbul University Beyazit Square to protest the Higher Education Council (YÖK), one of the product of the 12 September 1980 military coup.

University students spoke about their problems and demands.

Özlem Özdemir, who read the statement on behalf of university students, recalled that YÖK, which was established on 6 November with the 1982 Constitution, is the product of an effort to create a generation that does not question the allegiance in universities.

Özdemir, while emphasizing that universities work like a businness company said: "Universities are not the gate for annuity."

Özdemir added: "Universities do not belong to the Palace and the Higher Education Council. Universities belong to students. We know that today, we struggle, universities will be free only if ideas can be talked about and produce science. We always struggle for our right to equal, free, scientific and mother tongue education. In order to limit the rights and freedoms of the students and to block the free thinking environment in the universities, they opened legal investigations against students and teachers. Our teachers were expelled from the universities with the KHK decree. They tried to create universities that are far from science and close to power."

Özdemir stressed that despite all the pressures, university students will not stop protesting. "We will continue to defend our right to equal education without any class separation, scientific education against reaction, equality against sexism, brotherhood against racism and freedom against oppression."