Swedish Left Party urges action against Turkish attacks on Rojava

Swedish Left Party leader Jonas Sjöstedt protested the Turkish state’s threats and preparations to invade Rojava and called on the international community to oppose and stop a possible attack against the Kurds and their allies.

The leader of the Swedish Left Party Jonas Sjöstedt has sent his party’s solidarity message to demonstrations organised by Kurds and their friends against the Turkish state’s attempts to invade Rojava and North Syria.

Remarking that the system built in northern Syria is a light and hope for the region as all communities live together in peace, women’s rights are guaranteed and the rights of various faith and ethnic groups are respected.

In his message, Sjöstedt said the following; “The Kurds and their allies in this federation have played a determining role in destroying ISIS. The world should thank them for the fight they have given against terrorism. However, the federation in northern Syria is under threat. Turkey and authoritarian Erdoğan do not tolerate a free territory where Kurds who oppose their nationalism lead a free life.”

Pointing to Turkey’s preparations for an invasion operation, the Swedish politician continued; “Turkey mustn’t be allowed to invade Rojava. We have all seen how Turkey committed an ethnic cleansing in Afrin, how their Islamic allies terrorize people. Attacks against North Syria must be stopped.”

Calling on Sweden and the European Union to take action, Sjöstedt highlighted the demands of the Swedish Left Party for an end to monetary assistance to Erdoğan, to the arms sale to Turkey and implementation of economic and political pressure on Turkey.

Stressing that the international community should stop the attacks against the Kurds and the other peoples in the region, the Swedish Left Party leader added; “The world should stand with those who have defeated ISIS.”