Swedish politicians: We have always supported Kurds

Swedish politicians said they have always supported Kurds.

Swedish politicians said they have always supported Kurds.

Jessica Carlqvist is a member of the regional parliament in Örebro county. She said: “I have been following the violations of human rights, democracy and the rule of law in Turkey for a long time. Laws against terrorism and crimes against the state as well as accusations against the president are used to silence dissidents and critics of the regime. This also applies to opposition politicians, especially the HDP. We know that most of the mayors elected by the HDP have been arrested and replaced by trustees. Negative developments in the areas of freedom of expression, freedom of the press, freedom of information, resulting in harassment and legal nature such as deprivation of liberty, threats and violence against journalists, surveillance and regulation, and self-censorship continue. Legal arrest and harassment by journalists is a major problem. Between 60 and 100 journalists are currently imprisoned in Turkey. This is why Turkey has the second highest number of imprisoned journalists in the world. And this is based on the broad restrictions on freedom of expression, which is the foundation of democracy. We also witnessed the Turkish occupation war, in which more than 200,000 people were forced to flee. We know that Erdogan's Turkey has a plan of ethnic genocide and is always attacking minority peoples. These are the civilians who are actually being attacked and civilians are being killed, hospitals and ambulances are being bombarded.  This must end.  I want to condemn Turkey's attacks on south-eastern Kurdistan. I condemn the imprisonment and harassment of members of the HDP political parties in Turkey, as well as the bombing of south-eastern Kurdistan and the PKK. I want Kurdish children all over Kurdistan to grow up in peace with their parents and with this statement, my friends, I fully support the rights of the Kurdish people in the field of peace and freedom, without harassment and oppression.  to be able to act politically democratically and as free citizens with the right ideas and with the right to organize. The Left Party in Sweden has always been in support of the Kurdish people. 

Martha Aguirre is responsible for the Left Party in the international area. She said: “Turkey has been conducting military operations on the borders of the Kurdistan Region in northern Iraq for decades.  Without any significant consequences for Turkey.

 It is time for Turkey, a NATO member, to express its international displeasure over Iraq's violation of these international agreements.

 The report on the use of chemical weapons against PKK guerrillas should be taken seriously.  The use of chemical weapons is a war crime and a violation of international law.

 We know that Turkey justifies its bombings against the Kurds with terrorist lists.  We therefore believe that the PKK should be removed from the list of arbitrary terrorists.  Biji Kurdistan.”