Swiss deputies move two more motions about Turkish use of chemical weapons to Parliament

Swiss Socialist Party National Parliament Deputies Fabian Molina and Claudia Friedl asked the government about the use of chemical weapons by the Turkish state against the Kurdish people.

Swiss Socialist Party (SP) National Parliament Deputies Fabian Molina and Claudia Friedl presented a parliamentary question to ask the Federal Council which attitude it intends to adopt towards the use of chemical weapons used against the Kurds and which is its relationship with the Turkish state.

Fabian Molina said the news that the Turkish army used poison gas in the Kurdistan autonomous region (Northern Iraq), thus violating the Geneva Protocol, the Biological Weapons Convention, the Chemical Weapons Convention and other binding international treaties, and asked the following questions to the Swiss National Parliament:

-Did Switzerland demand any explanation from the Turkish government?

-At what level was the topic discussed?

-Is Switzerland linked to any independent investigation by the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons or another international organisation?

-Can it be ignored that the gas estimated to be used is of Swiss production? If so, why?

Second motion

The motion presented by Claudia Friedl said that “during the military attacks carried out by Turkey against the Kurds in South Kurdistan, residential areas were hit and civilians lost their lives. Reminding that banned chemical weapons were used, the following questions were asked:

-Is the Federal Council aware of these accusations?

-Does it know if chemical weapons have been used?

-Is it ready to demand and support an international investigation into these events?

Previous motion

At the session of the Swiss Federal Parliament on Monday, a motion, signed by 14 deputies from the Socialist Party (SP), Greens (Grüne) and Solidarité parties, was submitted to the Swiss Federal Parliament.