"Syrian constitution must be written by the peoples of Syria"

Academy member Lewend Mîrko said parts of Syria are under occupation by Turkey.

World Peace Academy Member Lewend Mîrko shared with ANHA some remarks about the work on the new Syrian constitution.

Regarding the work of some circles to create a new constitution in all parts of Syria, Mîrko pointed out that writing a constitution is a process which needs time and must gather and respond to all sections of society. Yet the new Syrian constitution could not be written while the country is under occupation.

The occupation Mîrko was referring to was that carried out by the Turkish state. "Turkey - he said - is occupying Syrian lands and violating Syrian people's rights".

Furthermore the World Peace Academy member said that "Turkey is trying to interfere with the process of writing the Syrian constitution through various means. So where does this leave the will of the people of Syria?"

Each constitution, said Mîrko, is written as a result of a debate in a parliament representing all peoples. "All sides should come together and negotiate a solution to the Syrian crisis and stand against interventions on Syrian internal affairs so that the Syrian people can create their own constitution".

The 'World Peace Academy' based in the Palestinian city of Al-Jalil is working to end wars around the world under the slogan, "Peace to the whole World".