Syrian regime calls on Idlib residents to surrender

The Syrian regime is preparing for an operation against Idlib. Army forces airdropped flyers calling on Idlib residents to surrender.

Syrian regime forces airdropped flyers in Idlib, which lies to the north of the country along the Turkish border. The flyers said: “The war is coming to an end. We urge you to join the local reconciliation agreement, like many Syrians have. Your collaboration with the Syrian army will save you from the rule of militants and terrorists, and will protect the lives of you and your families.”

The Syrian government says the reconciliation agreements offer pardons for armed groups who agree to respect the rule of law again. The groups will have to turn in their weapons in compliance.

Idlib stands out as the last large region still under control of gangs, who are directly tied to the Ankara regime. The Syrian regime’s next operation will target Idlib.

The Syrian regime, with support from Russia and Iran, regained control in other regions. Armed groups fleeing or being removed from these regions joined the groups in Idlib for the most part.

Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says reinforcements have been dispatched to Idlib in case of a possible operation.

The United Nations also points out to the humanitarian cost of a possible operation. There are an estimated 2.5 million people living in Idlib. Turkey protects the gangs and attempts to stop the operation through Russia.