TEV-ÇAND Europe calls on everyone to stand up against Turkish attacks

TEV-ÇAND Europe issued a statement to protest the invasion attacks by the Turkish army and said: "Today is the day of resistance. Today is the day to stand up against the attacks wherever we are."

TEV-ÇAND (Cultre and Art Movement) Europe made a written statement against the invasion attacks carried out by Turkey. 

The statement said: "Kurdistan's freedom struggle is once again being undermined by colonial states and collaborator-treason gangs. The colonialist Turkish state has launched the most comprehensive occupation and destruction attack in history against South Kurdistan, taking the satellite Iraqi state and the betrayal line of the KDP-Barzani family with it. Turkey does not refrain from plundering all the material and spiritual wealth, nature and society of the country in order to complete the Kurdish genocide. It attacks the freedom values ​​of the Kurdish people by using chemical weapons and resorting to all kinds of illegal and immoral means and methods. It is attempting to annex Kurdistan. For this purpose, by taking advantage of the collaborator-betrayer segments of the Kurds, it is trying to play the sinister role it has played in these segments throughout history, once again, in a worse way, through the hands of KDP officials. This annexation attempt, openly supported by the KDP and the Iraqi state and attended by thousands of ISIS mercenaries and village guards, can never be treated as ordinary. The Kurdistan freedom struggle is being undermined once again, our people are being subjected to genocide once again and the Kurdish nation is being run over,"

'We call for unity and resistance'

The statement added: "We say it loud and clear: KDP executives and the Massoud Barzani family are pursuing an enemy policy against the people of Kurdistan by completely linking their narrow family interests and power to the Turkish state. The KDP has opened almost every part of South Kurdistan, including its plains, mountains and rocks, to military occupation by the Turkish state. We, as Kurdish cultural and artistic workers, will not accept this situation in any way and will oppose it with all our strength. We will expose treason and conspiracies everywhere, and we will be at the forefront of our oppressed people, no matter the cost.

As Kurdish culture and art workers, we call on our people, the friends of the Kurdish people, all cultural and artistic institutions and artists in Turkey, Kurdistan and Europe to oppose these occupation and destruction attacks by the colonialist Turkish state and show our democratic reaction wherever we are. Let's take to the streets. Let's stand with our people and our freedom fighters. Today is the day of unity and resistance against the attack. Today is the day to stand up wherever we are against the colonial states and treasonous gangs that colonized our country and want to destroy our people. Today is the day to ensure our national unity and take action for freedom."