TEV-DEM's Xelil: We are ready for dialogue

Xelil confirmed in Raqqa that TEV-DEM is ready to defend the autonomous region

Speaking at the Congress of the Northern Syria Internal Security Forces in Raqqa, TEV-DEM executive board co-chair, Aldar Xelil, reiterated that “no talks ongoing between the autonomous administration and the Syrian regime”.

Xelil added: “We are ready to defend against any possible attacks. There are many who do not accept our democratic project, starting from the Syrian regime”.

Invited at the Congress, Xelil underlined that the very celebration of the Internal Security Force is a big and brave step and added that the peoples of Syria have made the revolution a reality.

Noting that Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian and all other nations are living under the concept of brotherhood of the peoples in Northern Syria, Xelil said that this multicolour reality showed the true history of Syria and said that the central administration is in fact the main reason for the persecution and the repression of people.

'External interventions deepen the crisis'

Stating that the intervention of foreign forces in Syria and the occupation of some parts of the Syrian geography by the Turkish state are actually deepening the crisis, Xelil said: "The invasion of the city of Afrin by the Turkish state gets the crisis deeper. The second phase of the resistance is ongoing, and let’s be clear that the end result will be the liberation of occupied Afrin”.

Xelil added that the Turkish state and the Syrian regime aimed at creating confusion and disrupt security in the liberated parts of Northern Syria. 

He drew attention to the threats of occupation carried out by the Turkish state and the threats of the Syrian regime against the region. 

Xelil continued: “We are saying that there is no going back to the old regime. We won’t accept this. We would not have done the revolution had we accepted it. If we had seen that the regime is accepted by the people, why would have the people risen and the regime been destroyed?” 

The TEV-DEM co-chair added: “The ruling regime which imposes a one-party centralised state, a one nation government cannot be accepted. If we declare we want a meaningful life, then our choice is the construction of a democratic Syria. A democratic Syria cannot be built on the one-nation and one-party mentality."

‘The crisis can be solved through dialogue'

Xelil said that the solution of the Syrian crisis cannot be achieved through military methods. 

“We did not decide to fight against the attackers of our regions. They attacked us and we used our right to defend ourselves. We do not want war, but if we are under attack, we defend ourselves. The crisis cannot be solved through war, but through dialogue".

Aldar Xelil continued; "We have said this before. We are repeating it now, at this conference: We are ready for a democratic dialogue about the future of Syria. In Rojava and Northern Syria, we have been establishing a model of democratization. This was done with the acceptance and collaboration of the people”. 

Aldar Xelil then spoke about the alleged talks between the Democratic Autonomous Administration and the Syrian regime.

The Syrian regime, Xelil continued, “is saying it wants to begin a negotiation process, but it has yet to take a serious step in this direction."

"Some parties - he said - have claimed on social media that we are engaged in talks. These claims have no basis. So far, there has been no dialogue between us and the regime”. 

The important thing, said Xelil “is that we are ready to defend against any possible attacks and we are strengthening security in our areas. There are a lot of people who do not accept our democratic project, beginning from the Syrian regime."

Xelil concluded by saying: “We reiterate that we are ready for dialogue, but we must be ready to defend our lands and our territories. We will protect our achievements and we will continue on the line of our martyrs."