The HDP cannot be silenced: Reactions to today's arrests

As part of the investigation conducted by the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office on the grounds of the Kobanê protests between 5 and 8 October 2014, 82 HDP members have been taken into custody.

The HDP reacted to the detentions by launching a social media campaign with the tag "#HDPsusturulamaz" (The HDP cannot be silenced) on its Twitter account.

The HDP said: “This is a new revenge attack launched against our party this morning. It was taken at the Security meeting held yesterday. As the AKP-MHP block is losing power, it responds by attacking the opposition. The HDP did not bow to your blows and won’t bow.”

Many people, including intellectuals, writers, rights advocates and politicians, reacted to the detentions targeting the HDP. Some of the messages twitted are as follows:

HDK co-spokesperson İdil Uğurlu: "The political genocide operations against HDP do not slow down. They reopen the same notebook 6 years later and continue to insist on it. It is time to organize more and raise the struggle."

IHD co-chair Eren Keskin: “The operation launched by the Ankara Chief Prosecutor's Office against the HDP after 6 years is a real Political Genocide! What I am thinking at the moment is: ‘They want all of us to die. This is my feeling... For this I say, let's live and multiply…”

Nesrin Nas, former chairman of ANAP: "This is the treatment reserved for those who said I want democracy in this country, I want justice, I want equality and I want it for everyone living in this land."

CHP Istanbul Provincial Chair Canan Kaftancıoğlu: "You will not trust the independent and impartial Turkish judiciary connected to the state, but who will you trust then? Isn't this a shame?"

CHP Izmir Deputy Tuncay Özkan: “My friend Sırrı Süreyya Önder continues to be persecuted. Hundreds of politicians are being persecuted and tried with fabricated evidences. At the end of all this, you will be drowned in your persecution: justice will prevail sooner or later."

Temel Tayyip, HDP MP: "This 'operation' is "a move to political purge of the opposition." You will not succeed! "

HDP Istanbul MP Garo Paylan: “With the order received from the Palace, the prosecutor detained our friends. The order is to finish the HDP. HDP is a hope for freedom.

Writer Ahmet Kahraman: "HDP members are detained. Turkish politicians wish Good Friday by putting their heads in the sand. May today's Friday be good to you. But tomorrow Friday won’t.”

Artist Ferhat Tunç: "An operation to close the HDP? Look at the situation of this country. If there is no serious reaction today, the power will gain strength again, unjustly and unlawfully."