"The paradigm of Öcalan means liberation of the oppressed"

On Thursday, a long march was started by 200 internationalists from Luxembourg to Strasbourg for the freedom of Abdullah Ocalan and the end of the Turkish invasion attack on Afrin.

On Thursday, a long march was launched by 200 internationalists from 17 different countries under the motto "Freedom for Öcalan, Status for Kurdistan, Stop the attacks on Afrin".

Academics, journalists and politicians from countries including Latin America, Scandinavia, Spain and Portugal are joining the march.

Among the activists are Hugo Salinas Intiraimi from the Basque Country, Clara Zelal from Catalonia and author Garcia Verdura and Estela Mateo from Spain. ANF talked to them about their participation in the long march of internationalists.

Hugo Salinas Intiraimi is originally from South America but lives in the Basque Country. In addition to the slightly younger march participants, he immediately stands out with his graying hair. When asked why he joined the march, Hugo replies: "I am here for solidarity with the Kurdish people and demand the freedom of Ocalan. The struggle for freedom that the peoples lead is of great importance. If we resist together with these peoples, we will be able to change the course of history. I know Ocalan as I read his writings. Therefore, I believe in a common struggle of peoples against capitalist modernity to defend freedom. The Ocalan paradigm is not a purely Kurdish paradigm. For me, these are also important thoughts for the peoples of Latin America. "

Most of the participants in this year's long march come from Catalonia. A total of 26 activists, most of them women, have arrived to demand the freedom of Abdullah Ocalan. One of the activists is Clara Zelal. Clara has adopted a Kurdish last name. She insists on conducting the interview in Kurdish. We ask why Zelal participates in the long march. Her answer is: "We are here for Kurdistan and the freedom of Leader Apo. We march for the success of Ocalan’s ideas. On the other hand, we are protesting against the Turkish government's invasion plans in Afrin and Kurdistan. Therefore, I can say that here we all pursue the same goal, namely freedom."

Author Garcia Verdura from Spain tells us that the Kurdish people face a great injustice and adds: "In Kurdistan, a lot of injustice takes place. I believe in the cause of the Kurds, that's why I fight for their cause. The Kurds are being victimized, so I am here to show my solidarity. "

Estela Mateo is one of the young women who came from Spain to participate in the long march of internationalists. The reason why she's here, she explains with these words: "We are participating in this march to defend the ideas of Democratic Confederalism and to demand the freedom of Ocalan. The model of democratic confederalism attaches great importance to women. That affects us all. The internationalist scale of these thoughts and the struggle for it are increasing day by day. The Ocalan paradigm is important not only for the Kurds, but for all the oppressed peoples."

All activists with whom we have spoken condemn the invasion attack of the Turkish state against the northern Syrian canton of Afrin and call on the international community to show solidarity with the people of Afrin.