Third day in Amed protests: Detentions and injuries

Two MPs are among those injured in the brutal aggression by the police.

Protests continue on the third day against the usurpation of the municipalities in Amed. Several MPs, journalists and protesters were injured in the attacks and many were detained.

The AKP regime's police attacked the march in Ofis and HDP MP Ridvan Turan was battered. Turan was hospitalized.

MP Remziye Tosun fainted in the attack and was also hospitalized.

The march started after a press statement by the municipality building in Amed. At least 15 people have been detained.

There is no concrete information yet on how many people were detained in total as more demonstrators were taken into custody as the march continued. MPs are holding a sit-in in Ofis for the detainees to be released. 

HDP Siirt MP Meral Danis Bestas protested the detainees being held in buses that belong to the municipality. Bestas said the first act of the trustee was to turn the municipality’s vehicles into detention centers.

Journalists Lezgin Akdeniz, Beritan Canozer and Hayati Yildiz were battered by the police as they followed the protests.