“Those who legitimize invasion are more dangerous than Erdoğan"

The people of Sheikh Maqsoud protested Nechirvan Barzani’s statements and said people who legitimize the invasion are more dangerous than Erdoğan.

Reactions against Southern Kurdistan’s Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani’s comments that the PKK are invaders continue to grow.

The people of the Sheikh Maqsoud neighborhood in Aleppo also condemn the statements.


Neighborhood resident Reshid Hebesh said, “Nechirvan should remember just a little bit that he is Kurdish. Because with this stance, he has approved of the invasion. The Barzani family must be told enough already!” Hebesh continued: “This statement is nothing new. The Barzani family has always held their own interests above those of the people of Kurdistan. Standing against the gains of the Kurdish people also means that they are in collaboration with the fascist Turkish state.”


Another resident, Fethiye Mihemed said: “Those who legitimize the Turkish state invasion and hide behind the curtain of Kurdishness are more dangerous than Erdoğan. They are negotiating over the blood of Kurdistan martyrs.”

Fethiye Mihemed continued: “I ask Barzani: Where did you bring all this money in from? Isn’t the trade you make over the blood of martyrs enough? Now you sell sacred Kurdistan land to Erdoğan. O Nechirvan, there are no words to describe your treason!”

Mihemede Hesen said the Barzani family’s stance is geared towards fracturing the Kurdish people: “When we look at the Barzani family’s stance and their approach to the Kurdish issue, we see the fragmentation of the Kurdish people. If they are serious, let them hold the Kurdistan National Congress.”

Hesen added: “The Turkish state doesn’t accept the referendum results, they object to Kurdistan flags in official visits, and the regional government approves of the Turkish state invasion. We watch in awe: Where are the interests of the Kurdish people?”