Three reports demanding the lifting of immunity of HDP MP Uca sent to parliament

Three reports prepared for the lifting of the immunity of HDP Êlih MP Feleknas Uca were sent to the Parliament.

Three reports were prepared by the Ankara Chief Public Prosecutor's Office about the lifting of the immunity of HDP Êlih MP Feleknas Uca and sent to the Parliament.

One of the reports was prepared on 4 February with the allegation of "inciting the people to hatred and enmity". The statements given by the Turkish state to news agencies regarding the attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria and Shengal were cited as the reason.

In the second filing, Uca was accused of "propaganda for a terrorist organization". Uca's speech in Êlih on 8 March 2021 was the reason for the second report.

In the third report, the accusation of "making illegal meetings and demonstrations" was brought. The march, which was held in solidarity with the hunger strike actions launched against the Imrali isolation on 8 November 2018, was cited as the reason for this report. All three reports were sent to Parliament.