TKP-ML condemns the international conspiracy against Öcalan

TKP-ML Middle East Party Committee demanded freedom from Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan and all political prisoners.

In a written statement on the 21st anniversary of the international conspiracy against Abdullah Öcalan, TKP-ML Middle East Party Committee demanded freedom for Öcalan and all political prisoners.

"As the conspiracy leaves its 21st year behind, the isolation imposed on Öcalan is a continuation of the Turkish state's policy of annihilation and denial of the Kurdish National Freedom Movement and, more in generally, of the Kurdish nation," TKP-ML said.

The statement added: "Isolation is the most basic torture method used by the Turkish state against all political prisoners. Abdullah Öcalan is subjected to heavy isolation and is not allowed to see his family and lawyers."

Drawing attention to the invasion attacks in Rojava, TKP-ML stated: "Today, the fascist Turkish state is attacks the achievements in Rojava. On the territory of Rojava and Northern Syria, which it has occupied for months, Turkey pursues its policy of overcoming its internal crisis and destroying the Kurdish nation. The invasion attack continues under the auspices of the imperialist powers led by the USA and Russia, which turned Rojava into the center of the fight. Rojava peoples, on the other hand, resist fascist occupation and imperialist policies in order to protect national and democratic achievements."