Trade unions say they wont recognize governor ban of Taksim Square for 1 May celebration

After the governorship banned Taksim on 1 May, trade unions went to Taksim Square and announced that they did not recognize the decision.

International Workers' Day

The Istanbul governorship rejected the application of the Confederation of Revolutionary Trade Unions (DİSK) regarding the celebration of 1 May, Labor Day, in Taksim Square and banned the 1 May celebrations to be held in Taksim Square. Following the governor's ban, Energy Workers Union (Enerji-Sen), Private Sector Teachers' Union, Revolutionary Textile Workers' Union (Dev Tekstil), All Automotive and Metal Workers' Union (TOMİS) and Road Transport Workers' Union (KATAŞ-SEN) affiliated with DİSK, went to Taksim Square. Stating that they did not recognize the governor's ban, the unions called everyone to Taksim Square.

Union representatives were blockaded by the police but were able to issue their call.