Turkey’s use of chemical weapons brought up in the German parliament

The information about the Turkish state's use of chemical weapons in the Medya Defense Zones was brought to the German parliament's attention by the Left Party.

For months, the Turkish state has used chemical weapons in its invasion attacks against the Kurdistan freedom guerrillas in Southern Kurdistan (Northern Iraq). The HPG Press Center has issued comprehensive statements stating that these weapons, which are prohibited by international organizations, have been used to kill a large number of guerrillas.

The Left Party, one of Germany's opposition parties, brought statements and news regarding the Turkish state's use of chemical weapons to the German Parliament's agenda. The issue brought up in a parliamentary question submitted by Left Party Deputy Gökay Akbulut asks, "Is the German Federal Government aware of the use of chemical weapons against PKK troops in the operation carried out by the Turkish army under the name 'Operation Claw-Lightning and Claw- Thunderbolt?’”


The Federal Government is expected to respond next week to the parliamentary inquiry, the source of which is the comprehensive reporting in the Kurdish media.

Akbulut of the Left Party told ANF that the images published proved the Turkish state's use of chemical weapons and demanded the experts to launch an investigation.

Drawing attention to Germany's attitude, Akbulut said: “Germany must break its silence on this subject and take action immediately. Because Germany, as one of the countries with strong political, military, and diplomatic ties to Turkey, bears responsibility in this matter. Germany, for example, might urge the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) to take action.”