Turkish attacks on South Kurdistan condemned in Stockholm

The Turkish state and its collaborators in the invasion of South Kurdistan were condemned by an action in Stockholm.

The Stockholm Democratic Kurdish Center and the Amara Women's Assembly promoted an action in Stockholm to protest the Turkish state's invasion of South Kurdistan and the killing of member of the KCK Presidential Council Diyar Xerib (Helmet) and two other guerrillas, on 5 July.

Ayşe Göktepe from the Amara Kurdish Women's Assembly addressed the crowd and commemorated the three ,martyred guerrillas, who lost their life as a result of an airstrike carried out by Turkey.

Göktepe said that the Turkish state, which has been carrying out attacks on South Kurdistan for 25 years, has increased the invasion attacks and has massacred civilians in the last month.

Göktepe criticized Kurdish forces that remained silent during the organization of these attacks and collaborated with the Turkish state.

Göktepe called on all Kurds and their friends to take a stand against the genocide operations of the Turkish state and to demonstrates.