Turkish attacks protested in Sweden

A call was made to the international community, especially the United Nations, to speak out against the attacks.

The Turkish state's attacks on Shengal were protested by actions in Stockholm and Helsingborg.

The actions were promoted by the Democratic Kurdish Community Center, Sara Women's Union and Amara Women's Assembly to expose the massacres and attacks carried out by the Turkish state in Shengal. A call was made to the international community, especially the United Nations, to speak out against the attacks.


Kurds and their friends gathered in Sergelstorg Square in the city center carrying photos of Kurdish people's leader Abdullah Öcalan, PKK, PJAK, YPG / YPJ flags and the victims of the Turkish state.

Swedish Democratic Kurdish Community Center co-chair, Ridvan Altun, said in his speech that the Turkish state carried out massacres against the Kurds in 3 parts of Kurdistan and its only aim was to erase the gains of the Kurds.

Altun pointed out that the Turkish state is after ending the genocide in Shengal, which ISIS mercenaries failed to carry out, and criticized the European Union and Sweden, which remained silent on these attacks.

Altun called on the Swedish government and European countries to break their silence and take a stand against the attacks.

Azad Aslan from the Söderhamn Initiative said that the Turkish state attack the Syrian Democratic Forces and YPG / YPJ, which defeated ISIS mercenaries in Rojava, and want to destroy the system built on the different identities and beliefs in Rojava.

Aslan emphasized that the resistance will continue until the Turkish state leaves the lands it has occupied.

In the action supported by PJAK, slogans such as "Turkish state out of Shengal", "Withdraw your bloody hands from Kurdistan", "murderer and fascist Erdogan" were chanted. 


Kurds and their friends gathered at Stortorget Square and demonstrate to condemn the Turkish state attacks on Shengal.

Skone Democratic Kurdish Community Center co-chair, Ferre Svêregi, said that the AKP-MHP fascist alliance has launched an all-out war against the Kurdish people and is carrying out crimes against war and humanity to eliminate the Kurdish people achievements.

Svêregi pointed out that Erdogan, who previously tried to carry out a Kurds genocide in Shengal and Rojava through ISIS mercenaries, once this failed began to act itself.

Svêregi condemned the Western countries and the European Union which remained silent about the massacres carried out by the Turkish state.