Turkish helicopters bombed Bradost region in South Kurdistan

Last night the Turkish state helicopters bombed the Kewert, Bêsnok and Çiyadêl valleys of the Bradost region in South Kurdistan.

According to the information obtained from the ground, several helicopters of the occupying Turkish state bombed the Kewert, Bêsnok and Çiyadêl valleys in the Bradost region of southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq.

Çiyadêl area is located near the Lêlîkan village where occupying Turkish state has deployed its troops. This is not the first time that Turkish state bombs non-military locations, intimidating the civilians.

The Turkish attacks have remarkably affected the daily life in the region.

“Last night the Turkish army bombed our borders using helicopters. This has caused a serious concern among the villagers that they might have to be displaced. The bombardment has led to material damage to the nature of the village and private properties,” said Amir Hasin, a local resident from Xelîfan village.

During the Turkish state attacks in Bradost, a vehicle owned by Cegir Selim from Deştehêrt area was seriously damaged.

The Turkish state army have occupied parts of South Kurdistan territory since April 2018, and continues to shell the border points of South Kurdistan. Civilians have been the main target and victim of these attacks.