Turkish invasion protested in Hildesheim and Bordeaux

Protests against the occupation carried out by the Turkish state in Northern and Eastern Syria were protested in Hildesheim, Germany, and Bordeaux, France.

Protests against the occupation carried out by the Turkish state in Northern and Eastern Syria spread all over Europe.


Kurds and their friends gathered in front of the railway station in Hildesheim to protest the Turkish state invasion and genocide attacks on Northern and Eastern Syria.

Activists paid tribute to Hevrin Xelef, the Kurdish woman politician who was brutally massacred by the invaders.

Hatice Gönen, co-chair of the Democratic Kurdish Community Center, said that the Turkish state used banned weapons against civilians and urged the international community, especially the United Nations, to prevent further massacres and genocide.

Xelef's mother, Suad Xelef, spoke via phone and said: “Resisting is living. We will resist until we achieve our gains, freedom and democratic autonomy."


An action was held in front of the Turkish Consulate in Bordeaux, France. Hundreds of Kurds took part in the action on Wednesday morning to protest the invasion carried out by Turkey in Northern and Eastern Syria.