Turkish invasion threats against Rojava protested in London

The action called for unity and resistance against the threats and attacks of the Turkish state.

Kurds and their friends organised a demonstration in front of the Turkish Embassy in London in protest at the Turkish state’s attacks against southern Kurdistan, northern Iraq, and threatened invasion against North and East Syria.

The demonstration, promoted by the Kurdish Popular Council, was staged behind a huge banner that read “Do not be part of the Turkish invasion, Supporting Turkey is supporting ISIS”.

The protest action saw the participation of many friends and leftist-socialist activists including members of the Wales-Kurdistan Solidarity and London Kurdish Solidarity Network, as well as the UK representative of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan (PUK) from South Kurdistan.

Representatives of the institutions and activists in solidarity with Kurds called for worldwide action against the Turkish state’s invasion attacks.

British Kurdish Popular Council Co-president Ercan Akbal pointed out that the Turkish state treated the Kurdish people as an enemy as a whole and aimed to destroy the Kurdish people’s organized state in Kurdistan. Akbal stressed that the Kurdish people should stand against these attacks in a total mobilization and spirit of unity.

Akbal highlighted that the Kurdish people will resist and protect their achievements and will never abandon to the fascist Turkish regime their lands and achievements that were gained with great resistance and sacrifices.

Following speeches, the mass marched to Hyde Park Station where the protest was concluded.