Footage proves Firefiye massacre committed by Turkish army

A Turkish armed drone killed two people and wounded five near Fireriye village in Jindires. The footage of the bombing was released by Turkey’s official news agency and the report tried to acquit Turkish army of the massacre and blamed the YPG instead.

Recently Turkish Anatolian News Agency (AA) released a footage recorded by an armed drone, that showed an explosion near a vehicle in Fireriye village in Jindires. AA claimed that the attack was carried out by YPG.

The vehicle was carrying an Arab family who were trying to escape from the bombardment. Diyana Gazi El Saleh (3-month-old baby) and Mahmud Elo (25) were killed and Ebdulah Tirkî Dawud, Xetuce Mistefa Mistefa, Suphi Gazi El Saleh, Seyyah Cemal El Saleh and Atur El Saleh Hesen were wounded in the attack.
The survivors said that their vehicle was targeted by an airstrike. The family was actually trying to reach behind the Turkish lines to meet with their relatives who are among the FSA gangs.

The footage which was released by Anatolian News Agency shows two persons planting a roadside explosive device in an unidentified location. Those persons start to run after planting the device and they were hit by an airstrike afterwards.

Later the truck which carry the civilians was struck by an airstrike. At first it doesn’t take a direct hit so the civilians jump out of the vehicle and start to ran away. But they were targeted in a second airstrike.

The Turkish media claimed that the attack was carried out by YPG with a roadside explosive device but the footage shows otherwise.