Turkish Medical Association chair Fincancı remains under arrest

Turkish Medical Association Chair Korur-Fincancı to remain under arrest.

At the first hearing of the trial against the Turkish Medical Association chair Şebnem Korur-Fincancı, the judge decided for the doctor to remain under arrest.  

Fincancı has been arrested for her remarks on a TV channel on the alleged use of chemical weapons by Türkiye in its cross-border operations.

The court ruled for the continuation of Korur-Fincancı's arrest. The next hearing will be held on December 29.

Korur - Fincancı talked about the indictment and referred to the insufficient medical knowledge of the prosecutor.

"What I made after seeing the videos is an early diagnosis. An independent investigation has to be carried out in order to reach a diagnosis. This is stated in international guides."

Korur-Fincancı also said: "I am not only the chairperson of TTB. I am a forensic medicine expert struggling in the field of violations of rights whose name is known in the world."