Turkish occupation of Afrin discussed at UN Human Rights session

American international conflict analyst Dr. Thoreau Redcrow underlined that a policy of ethnic cleansing is being carried out in the Afrin region since its occupation by the Turkish state.

The Human Rights Council session, which opened at the Geneva Office of the United Nations on 25 February, continues with discussions on human rights violations in 40 countries.

Speaking at the session on Turkey's policy on Syria, American international conflict analyst Dr. Thoreau Redcrow drew attention to the Turkish occupation of Afrin.

Redcrow began his speech by condemning the invasion of Afrin carried out by the Turkish state, and said: “I would like to draw attention to what is happening in West Kurdistan, or Northern Syria, which is under the occupation of the Turkish state.

After the Turkish army invaded Afrin, life turned into a nightmare for the people of the region. Afrin had welcomed thousands of refugees as it was a relatively peaceful region until the Turkish state occupied it.”

Ethnic cleansing carried out by Turkey

Redcrow underlined that a policy of ethnic cleansing is being carried out in the region since the occupation carried out by the Turkish state.

“Kurdish historical heritage sites and buildings in the city were destroyed. In this occupied city there are many violations of human rights and crimes such as rape, assassinations, kidnappings for ransom, and compulsory sharia taxes. The education system and street names in the city were Turkified. The olives of the people of Afrin and the income they produced have been confiscated. All of this is a clear indication that an ethnic cleansing is being carried out in the city by the Turkish state.”

Erdoğan’s threats must not be met with silence

Erdoğan “has been threatening to invade this region for several months”, said Redcrow, adding that he feared that what happened in Afrin could happen in North East Syria and Rojava, where more than 3 million people live. “Turkey's Defense Ministry have threatened to destroy the YPG, YPJ and SDF, the forces that have defeated DAESH. Against this, the international community remains silent.”

UN must act

Calling upon the UN to declare the Rojava region a no-fly zone and to take action against Erdoğan's threats, Redcrow said: “The people of the region who are fighting heroically against DAESH deserve to be protected and live in peace. All the states that are here today are indebted to the YPG, YPJ and the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). No one should allow Rojava, that fought against DAESH and won, to be under threat.”