Turkish threats to invade Rojava protested in Berlin

The Turkish state's invasion threats to Rojava and Northern and Eastern Syria were protested with a mass rally and march in Berlin.

The march and rally organized by PYD Berlin, German friends and the Community Center for Free Kurdistan, was attended by around 1,500 people, including many internationalists.

The rally began with a minute silence in Alexander Platz Square, in the center of Berlin.

Speaking on behalf of the PYD Berlin, Silem Haji said: "We call on the world, especially Germany, not to remain silent about these inhuman barbarian practices."

Zozan Serhat, member of the Kurdish Women's Movement, said: "The forces that fail to realize a human solution in Rojava are trying to trade Syria piece by piece to the Turkish state and other sovereigns. The Turkish state also wants to reimpose the Ottoman barbarism. We appeal to the European countries once again: Don't leave the Kurdish people and women alone, don't leave Rojava to Erdogan."

Pascal Meiser, German Die Linke Party MP and a member of the Federal German Parliament, said it was a shame that the Kurdish people who saved the world from ISIS were left in this position, but said they won't be alone.

Internationalist groups said that the Kurdish people and Rojava will be defended to the end.
The march ended at the famous Brandenburger Tor Square, where the US and French embassies are located.

Muhammad Emin Pencweni, an intellectual and politician from South Kurdistan, attended the march and made a speech. "The Turkish Republic barbarian soldiers want to bleed our land. The barbarian Turkish soldiers are waiting to invade Rojava. But the people of Rojava and the Kurds living in four parts of Kurdistan are with Rojava and are ready for any kind of struggle."

Thursday in front of the Parliament

Nujiyan Günay, co-chair of the Free Kurdistan Community Council said: "We have declared ourselves in permanent action from now on. We urge everyone to meet in front of the Federal Parliament on Thursday at 4 pm."