Two Italian municipalities award Öcalan with Honorary Citizenship

Two more municipalities in Italy have awarded Kurdish People’s Leader Abdullah Öcalan with Honorary Citizenship, bringing the total number to 9.

The municipalities of Castel de Giudice and Castelbottaccio in Molise region of Italy have announced that their Honorary Citizenship will be conferred on Kurdish People's Leader Abdullah Öcalan.

The related statement by the municipalities said the decision was made with unanimous vote and in consideration of Öcalan’s orks for peace and his role in the Middle East.

Remarking that Öcalan, whom the Kurdish leader recognized as their leader, is held captive and in isolation in İmralı Island Prison for almost 20 years, the municipalities called on other municipalities to recognize Öcalan. The statement also pointed out the invasion of Afrin by Turkey, and criticized the silence of international powers.

The document of Honorary Citizenship will be given at a joint ceremony to be held by two municipalities in the building of Campobasso Metropolitan Municipality on May 4. The ceremony will be attended by Öcalan’s lawyers, Kurdistan Information Bureau officials and representatives of over 15 local associations, organizations and institutions in Molise region, as well as artists Alessia D’Alessandro, Diego Florio, Stefano Sabelli and Italian cartoonist Zero Calcare.

In addition to the Castel de Giudice Municipality under Isernia Metropolitan Municipality and Castelbotaccio Municipality under Campobasso Metropolitan Municipality, the municipalities of Palermo, Naples, Palagonia, Reggio Emilia, Riace, Martano and Pinerolo had also awarded the Kurdish leader with Honorary Citizenship before.