UN: 400 billion dollars necessary to rebuild Syria

The UN assessed the cost of reconstruction of Syria after seven years of war.

The UN announced that the 7-year civil war in Syria implied a destruction of nearly 400 billion dollars.

At a meeting held in Lebanon's capital Beirut and organised by the West Asian Economic and Social Commission (CESAO) of the United Nations (UN), the financial consequences of the war in Syria were examined.

According to a statement made after a meeting attended by more than 50 Syrian and international experts, the financial destruction caused by the 7-year civil war was estimated at 388 billion dollars.

The figures did not include the cost of human losses, but analysed only the results of the destruction.

It is also stated that rebuilding may take decades because of the serious destruction caused by the civil war, which is estimated to have cost the life to at least 350,000 people.

Foreign powers intervened initially in the civil war in Syria, only to support "internal forces". But four years into the war, in 2014, the conflict gained an international dimension as an anti-DAESH coalition, led by the US entered the scene.

Again, the battle was further reshaped by the fact that Russia, which had until then provided only military support to the Syrian regime, entered the battlefield in 2015.

Studies on the reconstruction of Syria are now mostly focused on the areas liberated by the regime and Kurdish-led Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

It is also known that the regime has been carrying out meetings with many countries such as Russia, Iran and China for rebuilding for the past one year.