United Freedom Forces: AKP-MHP fascism is in our crosshairs

The United Freedom Forces said, “We are ideologically, politically and militarily preparing our united revolutionary war against attacks by the AKP-MHP fascism, in cities, in the slums, in the countryside.”

A statement issued by the United Freedom Forces (UFF) Commander Umut Bayraktaroglu said, “On the 5th year of the United Freedom Forces and our November Lunge, we send our love, respect and greetings to all comrades fighting in Turkey’s cities and countryside, our comrades who shine their light in the dungeons, our esteemed martyrs’ families, the working classes of Turkey and our oppressed peoples.”

“Our struggle from the barricades in Gezi to the trenches in Kobanê against invading Turkish state tanks, artilleries and jets in Afrin continues without a hitch and with great resolve,” stressed the statement and commemorated Ulas Bayraktaroglu.


The statement included the following:

“In our practice of the struggle, we came across petite bourgeoisie leftism and defeatism early on. Our move to advance the revolutionary struggle and our positioning against fascism continues as per our principle of permanent revolutionary charge. Our organization has gone through a harsh period of active war and has been tested in the most advanced stages of revolutionary struggle, preparing to set sail for new battles and new victories. Our organization has also fought against any and all insolvent or liberal tendencies that attempted to rescind the struggle for revolution and socialism, and has come out purified.

The UFF targets the AKP-MHP fascism that has surrounded the working classes and oppressed peoples of Turkey and made them unable to live. Against attacks by the AKP-MHP fascism, we are ideologically, politically and militarily organizing and preparing our united revolutionary war in Turkey’s cities, the slums and the countryside.”