US Vortel: We'll protect Manbij from any danger

A US official delegation visited the city of Manbij

A delegation, made up of US military officials, including US General Staff (CENTCOM) Commander General Joseph Votel and the US Defense Ministry, visited Manbij on Thursday.

The members of the delegation were welcomed by Manbij Democratic Civil Administration and Manbij Military Council officials.

Joseph Votel who walked the streets of the city responded to a question on the security situation in the city a shopkeeper asked. "Thank goodness Manbij is safe, - he said - but the threats remained. The goal is to create chaos and disrupt the city's security. Now the situation in the whole city is good and peaceful."

Josepf Votel also told the citizens who came to speak to him in the street that the coalition would be in Manbij and in the region and that it would protect them against any danger.

Then the delegation, the Manbij Administration and the military authorities held a closed-door meeting at the buildings of the Manbij Democratic Civil Administration.