Utrecht and Nuremberg protest Turkish attacks against Shengal

The attack carried out by the Turkish state against Shengal was protested in Utrecht in the Netherlands and Nuremberg in Germany.

Actions were held throughout Europe to protest the attack carried out by the Turkish state against Shengal.


In Utrecht activists ogranised an action to protest the attack against Shengal and also to prompt the boycott of Turkish goods.

Kurds and their friends gathered at Jaarbeursplein and began the protest with a minute silence for the martyrs of the revolution.

Speakers at the action underlined how the Turkish state is targeting the very existence of the Kurdish people and call on the European states to hold on to their responsibility and put pressure on Turkey to end these attacks.

Speaking on behalf of the organisation committee, Kardo Başur, underlined the urgent need for Kurdish national unity.

Speaking on behalf of the Greon Links Party, Serpil Ates, reiterated that her party condemned the Shengal attack and added that attacks against civilians could not be accepted.

As for the boycott of Turkish goods and tourism, she asked people to exclude Turkey from their shopping list and touristic destinations.

Ates added that every money transferred to Turkish tourism is returned to the Kurds as bullets, death and cruelty.


The action in the city of Nurember was organised in Lorenzkirche Square where the attack by the Turkish state against Shengal was protested with a rally.

Speakers condemned the silence of the international community on the attacks.